Linked by Neven Bijelic on Wed 24th Nov 2004 08:45 UTC
Xfce No doubt, all of you have heard of Xfce and those who haven't will hear about it soon anyway. I remember trying out Xfce for the first time back on SuSE 9.0. I am not sure if it came with the distrobution or if I downloaded it. At the time 9.0 came out I remember thinking to myself "nice, good potential, could be eyecandy, fast..." but I still logged into KDE upon booting. Sure I tried Gnome but somehow for a windows-commer KDE was more user friendly at the time. Update: More screenshots of XFce.
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by TaterSalad on Wed 24th Nov 2004 14:46 UTC

I like XFCE a lot. If you want to talk about light weight, I ran it on my 233mhz laptop with 96megs of ram. It actually worked pretty well.

"Being gtkish, I started to think about could i give up on KDE apps, could I delete all Gnome apps, could I rely development on gtk+/gtk2 applications only?
The answer was yes, I know alot of people can't, but I managed."

I've been doing this for quite a while on my old laptop stated above. Mostly it boils down to the apps I use are GTK based anyway, so a combo of openbox + fbpanel + gaim + xchat + firefox + thunderbird gets the job done. I'd love to try a qt based system, but not KDE as its too heavy. So if anyone knows of qt based light weight desktop manager I'd be happy to give it a try.