Linked by Neven Bijelic on Wed 24th Nov 2004 08:45 UTC
Xfce No doubt, all of you have heard of Xfce and those who haven't will hear about it soon anyway. I remember trying out Xfce for the first time back on SuSE 9.0. I am not sure if it came with the distrobution or if I downloaded it. At the time 9.0 came out I remember thinking to myself "nice, good potential, could be eyecandy, fast..." but I still logged into KDE upon booting. Sure I tried Gnome but somehow for a windows-commer KDE was more user friendly at the time. Update: More screenshots of XFce.
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Snap Graphics...
by Dizzy on Wed 24th Nov 2004 17:51 UTC

Has anyone replaced X11 with the Snap Graphics drivers for Linux? I would be very interested in the results if anyone has. I think I will download the trial version to see what all of the fuss is about, and if Snap Graphics are as good as they to be, I think $19.95 for the full version would be a paltry sum to pay if the performance increase is as good as it appears to be.

The Athene Operating System uses Snap Graphics, and there was talk of using Snap Graphics in AmigaOS 4.x. I don't know if that ever happened though. It is reported that Snap Graphics is 17% faster than Microsoft Windows and at least 25% faster than X11.