Linked by Neven Bijelic on Wed 24th Nov 2004 08:45 UTC
Xfce No doubt, all of you have heard of Xfce and those who haven't will hear about it soon anyway. I remember trying out Xfce for the first time back on SuSE 9.0. I am not sure if it came with the distrobution or if I downloaded it. At the time 9.0 came out I remember thinking to myself "nice, good potential, could be eyecandy, fast..." but I still logged into KDE upon booting. Sure I tried Gnome but somehow for a windows-commer KDE was more user friendly at the time. Update: More screenshots of XFce.
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added value
by peter on Wed 24th Nov 2004 20:58 UTC

To me, the added value of xfce4 is that it is Stylish.
KDE looks to me like a box full of lego-blocks thrown on the floor, and Gnome is a bit too grey.

XFCE4 is also simple: desktop without icons, a symetrical menu bar and just one (yes!) control panel.

Most of this value however goes to waste by the XFFM file manager. You *can* use ROX (fast) or Nautilus (versatile) ofcourse, but that looks different and disrupts the balanced, stylish feel.

I would like to see the filemanager CLAW3 to be tailored and styled to fit XFCE4 and replace XFFM.