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SGI and IRIX The company is Silicon Graphics Incorporated, or SGI, which once was famous for its high-powered graphics and 3-D workstations but has fallen on hard times of late. SGI now focuses on supercomputers, but there's a tiny coterie of fans dedicated to keeping the company's aging but high-powered workstations alive. On a similar note, the every-three-months maintaince release of Irix is 3 months late.
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Itanic will kill SGI
by Anonymous on Sat 27th Nov 2004 02:02 UTC

I think Itanium is what's going to finally kill SGI -- there isn't a whole lot of life left in Itanic and by Intel's own words it is already relegated to only very high-end systems -- there is no way for Itanium advancement on the low end, which means Intel won't be receiving enough revenue from this product line to justify moving forward. I'll give Intel may be a couple of years before they entirely pull the plug on Itanium. If there are any smart people left at SGI, they should be working on alternative designs based on other processor architectures -- Opteron or Power would be pretty good bets.