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SGI and IRIX The company is Silicon Graphics Incorporated, or SGI, which once was famous for its high-powered graphics and 3-D workstations but has fallen on hard times of late. SGI now focuses on supercomputers, but there's a tiny coterie of fans dedicated to keeping the company's aging but high-powered workstations alive. On a similar note, the every-three-months maintaince release of Irix is 3 months late.
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by AdamW on Sat 27th Nov 2004 17:56 UTC

Because, as has been noted, it's a dud. It's just not very fast and it's hideously expensive; the price / performance ratio of Itanic is beaten by some other processor in every single segment (usually the Opteron). Intel has already tacitly admitted this; they started out suggesting everyone (with the possible exception of Joe Desktop) was going to be using Itanic, now they're saying it's 'for high-end servers only'. Which as someone above has noted doesn't really make any sense either; Intel isn't a firm that works by providing different architectures for different market segments, its aim is to have a single architecture it can tweak for each segment, which is what it managed with x86 for so long.