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SGI and IRIX The company is Silicon Graphics Incorporated, or SGI, which once was famous for its high-powered graphics and 3-D workstations but has fallen on hard times of late. SGI now focuses on supercomputers, but there's a tiny coterie of fans dedicated to keeping the company's aging but high-powered workstations alive. On a similar note, the every-three-months maintaince release of Irix is 3 months late.
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Simple : their platform died
by Anonymous on Sun 28th Nov 2004 01:15 UTC

> Once a platform has the stink of death on it, YOU CANNOT GIVE IT AWAY. Examples: PA-RISC, Sparc, Alpha.

Sparc doesn't belong on that list, Sparc is very much live and kicking. Fujitsu brought some very interesting well performing technology (SPARC64) to the table recently and so did Sun with throughput computing. Throughput computing will most definitely turn the table in the server space (32 cores running at just 50 watts anyone?) pretty soon. Sun still outships all yearly Itanium shipments in less than two weeks with UltraSparc. If there is a platform stinks of death, that has to be Itanic. RIP Itanium.