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SGI and IRIX The company is Silicon Graphics Incorporated, or SGI, which once was famous for its high-powered graphics and 3-D workstations but has fallen on hard times of late. SGI now focuses on supercomputers, but there's a tiny coterie of fans dedicated to keeping the company's aging but high-powered workstations alive. On a similar note, the every-three-months maintaince release of Irix is 3 months late.
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Back when.....
by Tinkertaylor on Mon 29th Nov 2004 10:18 UTC

In the mid nineties the firm I worked for were thinking of providing third party support for SGI customers. We were primarily a MAC and Windows shop. We were invited to have a look at the Indies and 02's and I can still remember how gobsmacked we all were at the features and power of these sylish bits of kit. After working with the "revolutionary"(yawn..), new win95 and NT4 PC's available at the time SGI's machines seemed 20 years into the future.

A decade later I see the same software features of IRIX in Linux and BSD so maybe thats why SGI's workstations have become rare items? Nevertheless XP still hasn't caught up and appears to be the same tired technology I used to find on NT4..