Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 29th Nov 2004 07:30 UTC
Morphos OS4EMU 1.1 for MorphOS has been released. Now much more OS4 native software works.
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to Anynomous & rest
by embryo on Mon 29th Nov 2004 15:23 UTC

Your prices are bit f*cked up! You can get a Pegasos 2 motherboard + 1Ghz G4 for 615 USD (499 EUR) from web-store. Not Pegasos 1 with G3 like you claimed. Here in Finland the cheapest eMac cost 849 EUR. For a person who likes to build his/her own computer, the Pegasos 2 motherboard actually provides a considerably good value for price when compared to eMac. Let's not forget that Pegasos 2 is far more upgradeble then eMac. There's also the MorhpOS-factor, many people bought their Pegs to run MorphOS, not Linux or MacOS X.

All this Apple vs. Pegasos debute is rather childish. Macs are Pegs are not aimed at the same people. They are two different platforms for two different purposes. And get this, ALTERNATIVE COMPUTERS ARE ALWAYS EXPENSIVE. Why the hell is this so hard to understand? You can't possibly get the same price-performance ratio when you compare a manufacturer that produces a few thousand mobos and a manufacturer that produces hundreds of thousands mobos.

I'm getting really pissed of how people act at OSNews these days. What is this redicelous player hating? People are desparete for alternatives to Wintel monopoly, but when somebody tries to offer an alternative, people try to slag them down at every given opportunity. Nobody wants to understand nor respect other peoples views or opinions. Most people don't even bother to read what other people are saying or to verify their bullshit that they shoot of as facts.