Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 29th Nov 2004 07:30 UTC
Morphos OS4EMU 1.1 for MorphOS has been released. Now much more OS4 native software works.
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Re: RE: Emac for 799$
by Al Hartman on Mon 29th Nov 2004 16:42 UTC

You don't mention in your price comparison, that with eMac you have an OS that has thousands of applications for it.


Microsoft Office
Adobe Photoshop
and LOTS, LOTS more..

With the Pegasos, you can run Linux (which you can run on the eMac), or MorphOS.

For Linux, there are some nice apps, but none of them with the ubiquity, and polish of the apps on MacOS X.

On MorphOS, there are some apps, but not as polished or 100% file compatible with the rest of the world.

I'd love to see MorphOS develop further and get more apps.

But the point people miss is that computers are to DO things.

To WordProcess.

To surf a Webpage.

To balance your checking account.

To get email.

And as clunky as Windows is. Or whatever percieved faults people find with Apple or MacOS X..

Both of those OS'es just do those things BETTER than Linux, and MorphOS/AmigaOS does...

And comparing the price of the hardware doesn't tell the whole story.

I could build a VERY nice Pegasos 2 or AmigaONE System...

I don't, because I just don't see apps being developed for them...

I have to be able to USE the system to justify spending the money for it.

For someone to come out with an alternative to the Automobile (which is VERY useful), it will have to be AT LEAST as useful, or moreso...

And right now.. The AOne and the Peg are just not as useful to me as my PC or my PowerMac G4.

And that is worth a lot more to me than a few $$$.