Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 29th Nov 2004 07:30 UTC
Morphos OS4EMU 1.1 for MorphOS has been released. Now much more OS4 native software works.
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Emac for $799
by JoŽl EHRET on Mon 29th Nov 2004 19:02 UTC

I'm really fedup with all those "I know everything and I've the biggest one" comments.

So I'll enumerate out of any order :

1. You want alternative, you have, than yes, you must accept that it's more costly as someone already explained it. It's normal than a peg2/G4 is more expensive than a mac.

2. Do you only want software alternative? or hardware also..
I don't consider apple as alternative, even though nobody is complaining about apple prices which are MUUUCH higher than equivalent speced PC.

3. Pegasos users are either professional using linux who chose pegasos for their own reasons which are usually inexistant for a particular, or particular using MorphOS.
At this time, there is no other choice for running MorphOS, so we pay the price, and bplan/Genesi need money to continue, because if they stop, I'll have a collector board in some years...

4. Radeon 9200 and 40GB hard drive ? small? not powerfull enough? but to do WHAT ??? to run morphOS, with every app you need, you need max 2GB of hard disk space (yes there's no type, i wrote 2 048MB), then there's 38GB free for datas... If I burn all my divx and other video datas onto DVD's, then 40GB is at least 4 times the max room I need...
Radeon 9200... to do what under MorphOS??? watching videos, playing Quake2 (3 for christmas) and some OpenGL software.. damn, it's quite sufficient... then why putting more into the peg ??? for the pleasure to say "I have a bigger than you" ?

5. I bought nearly 1 year ago a pegasos2 G4/1000 with 512MB DDR400 RAM, a Voodoo3 graphic board (personal choice for personal reasons), 40 GB Hard drive, CD Drive, micro ATX case post and packaging, for 900 euros (all taxes included)
I don't consider that as expensive...

Now people want different, and refuses to pay more, sorry, but it's not possible... except if you all accept to help mosTeam, bplan and genesi for free... then it would perhaps be possible...

se yaa...