Linked by Kostis Kapelonis on Mon 29th Nov 2004 18:55 UTC
Editorial The IT sector today is a complete mess. The end-users rarely understand this, but most insiders reach a point when they realize that things should be different. The problems are numerous but they all reduce to a basic principle. IT and consumer electronics companies are interested more about money than helping people solve their problems. Of course companies need to make a profit and nobody denies that. They should however make money by helping people and not by creating more problems for them.
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by Neil C. Obremski on Mon 29th Nov 2004 20:38 UTC

I can certainly understand your frustration, and it only gets worse after scrolling through comments people have already left. I've been ranting about this particular topic recently and even started re-evaluating my own endeavors. I believe companies are rarely interested in the well-being of their customers and anti-corporate types only copy or over-complicate the process. Anyone working in the industry for a handful of years sees this first-hand. People are missing the bigger issue behind your analogies.

It's funny, because my step dad JUST bought a digital camera out of the blue and wants advice/help on it. What can I tell him without sitting him down with some specific set of programs? Plugging these things into the computer inevitably comes up with some disparate driver with it's own stupid software, or a built in wizard, or (even worse) just shows up as a "removable" drive.

Heck, even I wish I had to do less. We're telling the computer to do things that it should do on it's own. And I love it when people say, "Well, have you tried software X or application Y?" That just re-enforces the entire problem.

I think the data can remain relatively the same. Data can change as algorithms get smarter, faster, and achieve better compression. The way this data is treated internally needs to be improved, and maybe that will be the catalyst that causes everything else to improve. I can only hope.