Linked by Kostis Kapelonis on Mon 29th Nov 2004 18:55 UTC
Editorial The IT sector today is a complete mess. The end-users rarely understand this, but most insiders reach a point when they realize that things should be different. The problems are numerous but they all reduce to a basic principle. IT and consumer electronics companies are interested more about money than helping people solve their problems. Of course companies need to make a profit and nobody denies that. They should however make money by helping people and not by creating more problems for them.
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It is all about choice
by Robert Schouwenburg on Mon 29th Nov 2004 20:48 UTC

There is one major flaw in this commentary and that is that the consumer are in charge here.

As long as the consumers (companies and people alike) buy this stuff and even 'demand' the feature-upgrades from the vendors it shouldn't be a suprise that the industry looks like this.

The major problem is that people primarily look at the price and what features they get (more is better!). Support and quality are things you encounter only after the sell.

I think there will be a shift that consumers demand higher quality from their vendors. But that only happens when most people are feature tired. Relax, give it some time and it will change.