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Editorial The IT sector today is a complete mess. The end-users rarely understand this, but most insiders reach a point when they realize that things should be different. The problems are numerous but they all reduce to a basic principle. IT and consumer electronics companies are interested more about money than helping people solve their problems. Of course companies need to make a profit and nobody denies that. They should however make money by helping people and not by creating more problems for them.
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re: re: @hettybembler
by sean on Mon 29th Nov 2004 21:21 UTC

"I'm not being presumptive, I was obviously using a generalization to make a point."

I KNOW you were making a generalization. MY POINT is that such generalizations in general tend to be undeserving ;)

"I love this kind of tunnel vision where people can't seem to realize that simply because *they* know something, everyone else should to. "

Where in any of my posts did I make a claim to superior knowledge? What I did was take exception to the "computers should be like automobiles" parallel that keeps getting dregged up. Its just not a good analogy. It doesn't fit. Period.

"but you also have absolutely no right to bitch when users aren't "smart" enough to use their computer properly. Again, they are being lied to."

Again, show me where I bitched about someone not knowing as much as I do about computers. I don't take exception to folks to don't care to learn about their machine. They happily pay me to go through that pain for them. There's nothing wrong with that. So once again your're being presumptive. Or your not actually reading what I've said before you pop off at the mouth -- even worse.