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Editorial The IT sector today is a complete mess. The end-users rarely understand this, but most insiders reach a point when they realize that things should be different. The problems are numerous but they all reduce to a basic principle. IT and consumer electronics companies are interested more about money than helping people solve their problems. Of course companies need to make a profit and nobody denies that. They should however make money by helping people and not by creating more problems for them.
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Computers are tools...
by Anonymous on Mon 29th Nov 2004 21:43 UTC

Like all tools, you have to know how to use them and practice good methods. Using a band-saw without practicing good safty will lose you a finger. Using a chainsaw improperly can lose you an arm.

Driving a car is a complex task, but you don't think it is because you've learned how to do it. Sure, computer users only care about writing their document, but when I drive, I only care about getting from point A to point B. While driving though, I still have to know how to operate the thing. I need to be instructed on proper use of the gas pedal and brake, I need to know how to monitor when I'm running out of gas and how to fill it up. I need to monitor oil levels and such. And most importantly (and often overlooked), I need to know how to deal with the other drivers and traffic and the road conditions that I'll need to face while driving. If I don't know how to do these things, I'll run into trouble.

So a computer is also a tool, like these others. You need to know how to use it. I don't know why people keep insisting that computers should be smart enough to know what you want it to do when clueless users often don't even know what it is they want to do.

Now, I've operate a car, and I can do so rather thoughtlessly. I've also learned to operate a computer, and can do so rather thoughtlessly.

As for computer hardware/software manufacturers being greedy, never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. Many computer makers would love to make a trouble-free system. You know why? It would sell. Some of the arguments between companies over standards are connected to a desire to own the standard, but some are honest disagreements over "what makes a good standard". Regardless, whatever it is that sells, companies will be rushing to put that on the market. That's how greed works.