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Editorial The IT sector today is a complete mess. The end-users rarely understand this, but most insiders reach a point when they realize that things should be different. The problems are numerous but they all reduce to a basic principle. IT and consumer electronics companies are interested more about money than helping people solve their problems. Of course companies need to make a profit and nobody denies that. They should however make money by helping people and not by creating more problems for them.
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Different interfaces for different levels
by Gonzalo on Tue 30th Nov 2004 11:12 UTC

I seem to recall there was, sometime back, an HTML editor on Windows which did implement this. I can't remember its name, but I tried it once.

You had a simplified interface for total newbies. You didn't know much about HTML, you used that. Later you could change to a second interface in which you had some more buttons for more actions. You had a third interface which looked a bit like Homesite 4 or whatever.

In this particular case it was done quite nicely, but I'm not sure this kind of solution could apply to everything.