Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 29th Nov 2004 07:30 UTC
Morphos OS4EMU 1.1 for MorphOS has been released. Now much more OS4 native software works.
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@ mdma
by dpi on Wed 1st Dec 2004 00:11 UTC

"I already have several windows and linux pc's that do everything you mentioned. Why would I want an eMac that costs more than a PC that is infinitely superior performance wise? It won't run MorphOS. A Pegasos will."

Geez. As if MorhpOS is the holy grail for everyone who seeks an alternative for Windows or Linux. There are other alternatives besides the Pegasos/MorphOS platform which offer various (dis)advantages. For starters, MorphOS doesn't run quality applications such as Photoshop and it doesn't even have a TCP/IP stack. How do aspects like that justify the high price? It appears it only justifies it to a geek community. If you want to have wider adoption it appears you need 1) basic features for the OS fixed 2) lower the price so its not a geek-only toy anymore 3) get Genesi to fix their problems with their developers to raise trust. Until thats all fixed i give you little chance.