Linked by Scott Cabana on Thu 2nd Dec 2004 20:18 UTC
Editorial A couple of days ago, I read an interesting article by Kevin Kostis about how complex computer systems are and how they have a long way to go. I have to partly agree with his assessment, however a lot of folks don't take the time to learn about there own investment.
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i luv this article
by broken windows on Thu 2nd Dec 2004 22:54 UTC

wow, i completly agree with this article 100%. ive had these same thoughts in my head forever. but i can wwork on my own car, fix build and repair my own house, install a toilet, change my oil, build a better computer then anyone on this forum and pull a tranny in the same day. u guys jus dont get it. u should b able to change yur opil in order to b aloud to drive a car. the only tool u need is yur friggin hand an the one wrench to pull the oil plug. i dunno y im even writing this though, most of u peeple believe that u can drive, when in fact al u can do is press the gas peddle to move yur car forward, press the brake peddle to make it slow, an traverse the bare minimum of corners. y should we expect u to know how to react in a panic situation. thas what worthless 'features' like ABS brakes and airbags are for. k im done venting now. try learning sumthing today, u might like it.