Linked by Scott Cabana on Thu 2nd Dec 2004 20:18 UTC
Editorial A couple of days ago, I read an interesting article by Kevin Kostis about how complex computer systems are and how they have a long way to go. I have to partly agree with his assessment, however a lot of folks don't take the time to learn about there own investment.
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Master of one
by blixel on Thu 2nd Dec 2004 23:20 UTC

I choose to excel at computer systems. Computers were never just a job for me. They are my hobby and my passion. I have no desire to learn about even basic auto mechanics or basic carpentry.

Most people don't have hydrolic lifts in their garage. I will gladly stop by the dealership and spend 10-20 minutes of my life in the waiting room reading a book while they change my oil.

Changing oil is going to take a lot longer than 10 minutes for the average person. You have to make a trip to the store to buy what you need. That alone is going to take the better part of an hour. Get your ramps out of the shed or garage and put them in your drive way (or garage if it's big enough). Pull your car up on the ramps. Secure your car into place. Find your oil pan. Trust your life to the flimpsy metal ramps while you crawl under your car and unscrew the oil plug. Go sit in the house for 10 minutes while the oil drains. Come back out, crawl back under your car to put screw the oil plug back in and move the pan. Now climb up on a chair or something so you can change the filter and put new oil in. (Since you can't start the car and take it down off the rapms yet since it has no oil.) Go back inside and clean up so you don't get crud all over the inside of your car. Go back out to your car and take it down off the ramps. Put the ramps away. And finally drive to a autoshop and drop off the used oil so they can dispose of it properly.

The way I see it. Doing it myself is going to cost me my entire Saturday morning. Where's the time savings?