Linked by Scott Cabana on Thu 2nd Dec 2004 20:18 UTC
Editorial A couple of days ago, I read an interesting article by Kevin Kostis about how complex computer systems are and how they have a long way to go. I have to partly agree with his assessment, however a lot of folks don't take the time to learn about there own investment.
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Why should OSes require maintenance? They should be solid state.
by bigbenaussie on Fri 3rd Dec 2004 01:19 UTC

The only reason we know how to maintain our computers and OSes is because we're interested. And because we're interested we usually become good at it. If you're not interested you'll suck and even be frightened at the prospect of using it, because people don't like to be made to feel dumb, and above all powerless. You have to expect that other people are not interested in the finer points of an OS or Computer System and will never be, and nor should they be. Honestly, I really shouldn't need to know more about a car than the brake and the accellerator, forward and reverse gears. I've never personally changed my oil, but I guess I could figure it out if I could be bothered, or more to the point, if I was interested enough to be bothered. I am not a power user when it comes to cars, and nor should I be. I am not interested in cooking either, and don't, but I still manage to eat all that I want.

We take it for granted that cars will wear out and that they consume oil and fluids that need to be replenished but why should that have anything to do with a computer.
Computers are 1s and 0s and shouldn't wear out any more than my light switch does. The only time a light switch shouldn't work is when someone or something has tampered with it, and that is why computers don't work when virus and spyware tampers with your system. They are outside elements that shouldn't be there. If your car is stolen, you call the police not chase the crooks.

Of course HDs wear out, as all moving parts do, and when your car wears out enough, it fails to start or stop or an indicator comes up, so you buy a new part or a new car.

Honestly, there ought to be a way to lock the OS down until you want to modify it. Spyware and viruses should not be able to corrupt your system. An OS and applications should be installed and henceforth treated as ROM. The OS should not be able to be modified until you flip a switch(outside of software). Of course this can never happen but it would cut through this mess. OSes should be solid state as the ability to modify stuff on your computer 'under the hood', that shouldn't be modified is why people see their machines break. It should kinda be like PDA Oses and base apps, at least for the people who aren't interested in tinkering.

Computers and software should either work or not work, unfortunately people are stuck in states in-between. Perhaps there ought to be better diagnosis about the health of each application and the OS, which is able to correct corruptions and conflicts.