Linked by Scott Cabana on Thu 2nd Dec 2004 20:18 UTC
Editorial A couple of days ago, I read an interesting article by Kevin Kostis about how complex computer systems are and how they have a long way to go. I have to partly agree with his assessment, however a lot of folks don't take the time to learn about there own investment.
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So people don't even try.
by Earl Colby Pottinger on Fri 3rd Dec 2004 01:55 UTC

While it is true that many people will have problems doing certain jobs themselves, some of them blindly pass it off to others and then complain about the costs. As a repair tech I have often heard the words, "The manual is too complex to follow so I gave up", but when I insist on having the manual because I need some information out of it, I find the manual is still in it's sealed wrap! Yes, sometimes it is hard to do, afterall I am asking for the manual myself before doing the job, and some manuals don't seem to be in English (I know that at least one install I did was with a manual that was 100% Japanese - not one word of English, but the diagrams were enough for the job.) But if you have not even broken the seal and flipped thru the pages I wonder what can be simple enough. Face it, I have seen people have a problem will the idea of colour coded cables and connector - how hard is it to plug white in white, yellow in yellow and red in red. The colour choices should not look the same even if you were colour blind.