Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 6th Dec 2004 10:28 UTC
Hardware, Embedded Systems offers a solution for the users who require ultimate mobility: the LC2100 laptop loaded with the Linux of your choice. For more info and screenshots/images, read more.
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RE: Too expensive
by Eugenia on Mon 6th Dec 2004 11:12 UTC

Well, not exactly. It's a bit cheaper than the 12" Powerbook, but:
1. It's much faster than the 12" Powerbook in cpu power.
2. It has better quality LCD than the Powerbook.
3. It has bigger resolution than the Powerbook.
4. It has a 4-in-1 reader.
5. It has a PCMCIA reader.
6. More memory installed by default.
7. It's a bit cheaper.
8. It's a bit lighter.

Now, the Powerbook on the other hand has:
1. Faster graphics card.
2. Bluetooth installed by default.
3. WiFi installed by default.
4. Dual screen support.
5. 60 GB of drive instead of 40 GB.

Remember, I have both, and I can compare them better than anyone else. I love my powerbook, but it's not the answer to world hunger, it has its flaws too (most notably it's LCD screen not being the same league as the 15/17" powerbooks which sport better model LCDs than the 12"). So, depending on your needs, you go for the one or the other. But you can't say that "for that price I can get a powerbook", because they don't have the exact same capabilities.