Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 6th Dec 2004 10:28 UTC
Hardware, Embedded Systems offers a solution for the users who require ultimate mobility: the LC2100 laptop loaded with the Linux of your choice. For more info and screenshots/images, read more.
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RE: Eugenia
by Duffman on Mon 6th Dec 2004 12:28 UTC

"The Centrino is a much more modern CPU than the G4. When it runs in full speed, the G4 is just not possible to follow up: not with Centrino's 2 MBs of cache and faster memory bus anyway. It's not about "Mhz". It's also about the fact that centrino carries a newer architecture, the huge cache, and the faster memory. You don't need "benchmarks" to figure out all that, it's common knowledge."

I don't agree with you, I think centrino is faster than G4 overall, but when a program use altivec, I think G4 smoke centrino