Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 6th Dec 2004 10:28 UTC
Hardware, Embedded Systems offers a solution for the users who require ultimate mobility: the LC2100 laptop loaded with the Linux of your choice. For more info and screenshots/images, read more.
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RE: Re: laptop
by JSplice on Mon 6th Dec 2004 14:37 UTC

Sorry not really impressed by the stats and price. I have seen more appealing deals in a Dell catalogue. I have a Dell and have everything on it working in Gentoo other than the 56K (not worth the hassle). The principle of "Linux Preloaded" is the winner here. Free "Upgrade" to 5400RPM hard drive?? Is this a typo? I didn't realise there was any slower nowdays.

I agree. I was not impressed with the price here. I also think that most people who are going to use linux wouldn't think it's neccessary to pay more money for a laptop just to have linux pre-loaded.