Linked by Kevin Russo on Tue 7th Dec 2004 06:19 UTC
Geek stuff, sci-fi... Geek is defined by as 'A person who is single-minded or accomplished in a scientific or technical pursuit'. Many of us either acknowledge ourselves as computer geeks or are labeled by Friends, Family, and/or Colleagues as the such. This is not a condescending statement and should not be taken in a negative connotative way. It is in fact an admiration of our technical skills and abilities.
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Completely off topic ?.
by t3rmin4t0r on Tue 7th Dec 2004 06:45 UTC

has osnews gone completely off topic recently ?.

Btw, I did sit through this (

Quite interesting to see how the Geek definition translates from an American scenario (as a derisive term) to an Indian scenario (alpha-geek status symbol). (says it all).

Just some boredom filled posts ;)