Linked by Kevin Russo on Tue 7th Dec 2004 06:19 UTC
Geek stuff, sci-fi... Geek is defined by as 'A person who is single-minded or accomplished in a scientific or technical pursuit'. Many of us either acknowledge ourselves as computer geeks or are labeled by Friends, Family, and/or Colleagues as the such. This is not a condescending statement and should not be taken in a negative connotative way. It is in fact an admiration of our technical skills and abilities.
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by Scott Cabana on Tue 7th Dec 2004 08:10 UTC

By reading this post so far I was unaware that some people on FAQ or forums can be so mean. I guess I read more books and knowledge bases than going on forums. People who put down other people for knowing less, those people id classify is just plain old jerks. If someone were to ask me a question and I gave an answer they didnt understand I would explain simpler and simpler untill they do. I dont know how much they know, so I would try to explain it on there terms. I would expsect someone to try and read about what they wanna know via the web or by book. After that then seek out people who know. A couple of my friends are Linux nuts and I learn alot from them. I didnt know what a fstab was either untill reading some articles in a Linux mag. Reading short articles that explain basics are a way to go for me. They dont go on forever and get right to the point. If you wanna explore more than grab a book. A doctor dont need to be a PC expert, he just needs to check e-mail or write a paper in word. To me thats about as complex as using his cell phone or conference call and im sure doctors have time to read there manuals on cell phones. Dont they?