Linked by Kevin Russo on Tue 7th Dec 2004 06:19 UTC
Geek stuff, sci-fi... Geek is defined by as 'A person who is single-minded or accomplished in a scientific or technical pursuit'. Many of us either acknowledge ourselves as computer geeks or are labeled by Friends, Family, and/or Colleagues as the such. This is not a condescending statement and should not be taken in a negative connotative way. It is in fact an admiration of our technical skills and abilities.
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re: Good reminder @ Jeremy
by robert renling on Tue 7th Dec 2004 14:18 UTC

>Also, while I'm no expert in human-computer interface, what
>little I've read makes it seem as though most UI designs are
>really very poor.

Oh indeed they are. the sad thing is that most of the expertice isnt used. Today, in the IT business, a programmer is expected to know HCI, IxD, IA and all other disciplines, not to mention these are _very_ broad disciplines. not to denote anyone but it really is like letting the greasemonkey do everything from designing the car to assembling it.
which should never happen.

>Why do they seem obvious to us then?

probably we /us/ are more apt at using enviroment zyx and therefore feel at home in it, but there's also the aspect of talent for understanding. normally you try to do whatever you can, lowering interface complexity in favour of ease of use, to stay under the 10 minute rule.

>I think it's because all computer geeks share a certain
>oddness in their personality that allows them to "get it",
>when most "normal" people flounder helplessly.

yes, but the UI guys are always the first ones out the door.