Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 6th Dec 2004 10:28 UTC
Hardware, Embedded Systems offers a solution for the users who require ultimate mobility: the LC2100 laptop loaded with the Linux of your choice. For more info and screenshots/images, read more.
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You don't buy a machine like this to play Doom 3 on.

Why not? Eugenia earlier mentioned the review machine is also original equipment for an Alienware machine. Alienware's target audience is gamers. You might be surprised to learn that some gaming laptops put all but the highest-end desktop systems to shame.

As for 3D gaming in a PowerBook: If I were a gamer and I had a PowerBook, I'd bump up the RAM to 1GB, install Ubuntu or Yellow Dog linux in a dual-boot config, and play every 3D game ever ported to OS X or PPC Linux, with the exception of the upcoming Doom 3 port (G5 minimum).

Since I'm not that much of a gamer, I'll probably end up with an iBook which should suit my needs out-of-the-box.