Linked by Eugenia Loli on Wed 8th Dec 2004 20:48 UTC, submitted by Nicholas
Editorial I just spent the last several days reading the lengthy essay "Ying and Yang of Security" which explores the origins of security on the personal computer and explains why the current models are outdated. It seems to argue that security systems designed to keep the system safe are relics of the days of mainframes when the system was more important than the user, but for a personal computer the user is more important than the system.
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RE: Rubbish Pretty Much
by Morin on Wed 8th Dec 2004 23:36 UTC

> The problem for Microsoft is that they could make their
> systems a heck of a lot more secure and still not
> inconvenience the user.

VERY true. But I'd counter that everyone's allstar Linux could be much more convenient without compromising security.

I guess what users *really* need is a crippled system, that is, above all, NOT EXTENDABLE. Extendability is the root of all security problems, and normal users don't need it. Advanced users could then have extendability in exchange for some vulnerabilities.