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Editorial I just spent the last several days reading the lengthy essay "Ying and Yang of Security" which explores the origins of security on the personal computer and explains why the current models are outdated. It seems to argue that security systems designed to keep the system safe are relics of the days of mainframes when the system was more important than the user, but for a personal computer the user is more important than the system.
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System vs. User
by Mike on Thu 9th Dec 2004 00:11 UTC

I'm thinking that aproaching the issue of security from such an abstract pov does not much good. Alway explaining the extremely concrete and rational computer by using metaphores withtheit own real-world weaknesses and ambiguities is misleading. How about saying: "what's up with this or that Active X control? Remove that service. Don't auto-open these files, etc. etc." That should give results now, while this whole abstraction leads to very long discussions and 'starting over' that doesn't really get us anywhere. Therefore I think SP2 is a good thing, although not enough.

Soooo, I think less talk, and more concrete solutions to todays security issues.