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Editorial I just spent the last several days reading the lengthy essay "Ying and Yang of Security" which explores the origins of security on the personal computer and explains why the current models are outdated. It seems to argue that security systems designed to keep the system safe are relics of the days of mainframes when the system was more important than the user, but for a personal computer the user is more important than the system.
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@ drsmithy
by dpi on Thu 9th Dec 2004 19:59 UTC

IE 1.x and 2.x sucked, I don't think anyone has ever tried to argue otherwise.
IE 3.x was generally considered on par with Navigator 3.x
IE 4.x was generally considered *far* better than Nav 4.x

Considered by who? Whats your source got that 'generally'.

There's a fairly high probability that if Microsoft hadn't gotten into the browser market, Netscape would be in the same position Microsoft is today with a 90%+ market share and significant use of non-standard HTML. That was, after all, their business plan.

Why is that probable and why was that their business plan. Your source?