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Editorial I just spent the last several days reading the lengthy essay "Ying and Yang of Security" which explores the origins of security on the personal computer and explains why the current models are outdated. It seems to argue that security systems designed to keep the system safe are relics of the days of mainframes when the system was more important than the user, but for a personal computer the user is more important than the system.
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you haven't read what I wrote
by The MESMERIC on Thu 9th Dec 2004 22:13 UTC


it is so damn difficult to write a virus for say linux
(and then I go on explaining that perhaps not anymore)

as to grep
sure also you can send quick emails via the console
or better still
pipe it into an external mail server
(funny thing is I know how to do that in DOS but not in Linux :/ )

messaging programs could be used as a carrier.
most Linux user have Gaim installed.
wether they use that stuff - is another thing.