Linked by Scott Cabana on Thu 2nd Dec 2004 20:18 UTC
Editorial A couple of days ago, I read an interesting article by Kevin Kostis about how complex computer systems are and how they have a long way to go. I have to partly agree with his assessment, however a lot of folks don't take the time to learn about there own investment.
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Sabon- Are we insulting each other now?
by Scott Cabana on Fri 10th Dec 2004 21:30 UTC

No im not 25. Are you? Are you saying 25yr olds are not intelligent? Performing an oil change does require 10 min and I dont count me watching the oil drain. If you wish you can come over with your stop watch since ive done it dozens of times if you find that fascinating. Yes, for those who have lots of funds and unwilling to expand there knowledge of the world who claim they have no time (Some rich people do change there oil and god bless them) tend to need time for more social occasions or perhaps talking to more potential clients, but more so to the point they are the most detached group of people unable to do the more smaller tasks that we all take for granted. If for one day that money was gone so would be there confidence in taking care of themselves perhaps are you one those people? I can easily say there are fewer rich people than poor in this country perhaps even the world. It would do you good to learn new things on your own. Being humble is something alot of us have forgotten since we were paid well in the high tech field. But now alot of those people are out of jobs and I truly feel sorry for them, cuz a short time ago I was one of them. Perhaps now those (yes, lazy) people will truly be grateful to a person on the phone to walk them through there wizard to install their mouse. If I was a person with alot more funds and I had time I would learn as much as I could about how to do things myself just as I would if im not so fortunate. Say as you wish about it, but your the one forking over money to someone to teach you something that is as easy as brushing your teeth.I try not to study too much about our society you learn alot from answering phone calls at the cable company. Oh and thank you for the history lesson, im betting my knowledge of cars in the 1920's has grown a bit and no your not nuts, just arrogant and impolite.