Linked by Adam S on Mon 13th Dec 2004 05:37 UTC
Linux There's always a lot of excitement when a major Linux distribution has a new release - there's the clamour for the release notes and changelog, as well as the insatiable urge for screenshots and the search for the torrent for the ISOs. The release of Xandros Desktop 3.0 last week was no exception, with OS fanatics everywhere curious just what was in store. Read on for details.
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by foufou on Mon 13th Dec 2004 06:53 UTC

"My CD burner was picked up with the option to burn at 24x, which is also not always available, and burning a disc was never so easy."

What is the hard part ?? my slack,gentoo,freebsd detect the right cd burner speed .... never got any probleme.

"Xandros also mounted my NTFS drives for me"
Well take any linux distro and edit /etc/fstab do the job.

"Xandros provides as useful a desktop on CD as Fedora does on four."
any example ??

" First off, there's no FTP client available that I could find" ....well.

"I don't think I'd run Xandros Desktop 3 on any of my servers"
xandros DESKTOP 3

They are many review on xandros desktop 3 , can we have only one review with the some real technical stuff not like it detecte my cd burner speed and other thing like that ???

Thank you.