Linked by Adam S on Mon 13th Dec 2004 05:37 UTC
Linux There's always a lot of excitement when a major Linux distribution has a new release - there's the clamour for the release notes and changelog, as well as the insatiable urge for screenshots and the search for the torrent for the ISOs. The release of Xandros Desktop 3.0 last week was no exception, with OS fanatics everywhere curious just what was in store. Read on for details.
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The real point...
by Chris Dunphy on Mon 13th Dec 2004 07:24 UTC

The real point of a distribution like Xandros is for those who _want_ to try an alternative to Windows in the Enterprise or in the home, so debating the merits of Windows vs. Linux is almost besides the point.

However, I think it is a fair question to debate the course taken by Xandros in meeting this need. Does the WINE approach offer the best way to migrate?

Or... do distributions like SuSE/NLD (Enterprise) and Lindows (Home) that concentrate (or focus) on the usage of cross-platform open source solutions make more sense?

The assertion that open source applications are crap is no longer valid in the year 2004. Some may be, but many are highly polished and very usable. Best of all, they are also very affordable!