Linked by Adam S on Mon 13th Dec 2004 05:37 UTC
Linux There's always a lot of excitement when a major Linux distribution has a new release - there's the clamour for the release notes and changelog, as well as the insatiable urge for screenshots and the search for the torrent for the ISOs. The release of Xandros Desktop 3.0 last week was no exception, with OS fanatics everywhere curious just what was in store. Read on for details.
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by Chris Dunphy on Mon 13th Dec 2004 08:56 UTC

Does Xandros come with non-free multimedia enhancements such as mp3, flash, java, etc. pre-installed? If it does, than admittedly it will come out ahead of Ubuntu as a multimedia distribution.

However, in fairness to Ubuntu, of all of the free community based distributions I have tried, none were as easy to "enhance" with non-free multimedia support.

That page has all of the directions you need.

My only problem with Ubuntu was that it was a little rough around the edges. I am eagerly anticipating the release of Warty Warthog however, and am generally very excited about the potential of Ubuntu.