Linked by Adam S on Mon 13th Dec 2004 05:37 UTC
Linux There's always a lot of excitement when a major Linux distribution has a new release - there's the clamour for the release notes and changelog, as well as the insatiable urge for screenshots and the search for the torrent for the ISOs. The release of Xandros Desktop 3.0 last week was no exception, with OS fanatics everywhere curious just what was in store. Read on for details.
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@Scott Alan Miller
by Adam Scheinberg on Mon 13th Dec 2004 15:45 UTC

I don't think you should be writing articles about features if you don't bother to google "linux pptp" and look at the first page!

Mr. Miller, if you had read the article, you'd see that Xandros includes a PPTP CLIENT, not server. This is key in connecting to Windows VPNs, which are very common. I don't need a PPTP server, which is what PopTop is. Note that if you search google for Linux pptp vpn client you'll get significantly fewer results. Now let's look at the "try it" link from, the leading (as far as I can tell) PPTP client project.

# install MPPE support in your kernel, (if required)
# install MPPE support in PPP, (if required)
# install the PPTP client,
# configure the client,
# start the tunnel, and
# configure routing.

In Xandros, you'd notice, I just typed in an IP address and it connected. No fiddling with the kernel, no configuration, no tunnel, no routing. Just an IP and credentials. Considerably easier.

I'd suggest before you accuse people of somehow attacking open source and FOSS developers, you make sure you're talking about the right thing.