Linked by David Adams on Mon 13th Dec 2004 17:06 UTC, submitted by Benedikt Meurer
Xfce The Xfce project finally finished the second release candidate for the upcoming Xfce Desktop Environment 4.2. This second release candidate is expected to be the last release candidate before the final release, which is planned to happen in about 2 or 3 weeks. This RC2 includes several bugfixes, esp. the window manager has seen quite a few important fixes, and it is the first release in the 4.2 branch that builds and runs on Solaris out of the box. As usual, prebuilt packages for several plattforms are already available (as a highlight: Debian/amd64 packages) and the graphical installers have been update to 4.2RC2. Please check the Xfce website for further details.
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Debug Code Probably Still In There
by enloop on Tue 14th Dec 2004 13:43 UTC

Betas and release candidates typically include debugging code that is removed or deactivated before the product releases. Perhaps that's one reason some posters are seeing relative slowness in RC2. After all, the purpose of a release candidate is to find more bugs.

Besides, as others have pointed out, slow hardware or inadequate drivers will always degrade performance. The impact of hardware on speed is far greater than the impact of software.