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Editorial The real heart of open source lies in its potential to be greater than the sum of its parts, the capacity to leverage the talent and abilities of an entire community of developers and users who are striving towards a common goal, according to an editorial at Linux Insider.
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Re: Flawed assumption ...
by Frick on Sat 18th Dec 2004 00:23 UTC

"But if you want my attention and support, then build me apps that are better (as in, helps me get my work done faster and more effeciently) than the ones I'm currently using."

1)You assume everyone thinks like you. What about people for whom computers are a hobby? Remember where you are. This isn't nor If you are only interested in the practical aspects of computers and only used closed source (namely Windows0), why come here? has forums where they talk about nothing but Windows and Windows apps. If you're here, you must have curiousity about other things.

2)Also, most OS apps don't have the resources thrown at that them that a corporation can apply to their own projects.

3)Most importantly, you must be comparing OS projects to only the best proprietary apps out there because there are a myriad of lousy closed source applications on the market that aren't worth the cardboard box they're stuffed in. Compared to a lot of these, a lot of open source apps are better.