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Editorial The real heart of open source lies in its potential to be greater than the sum of its parts, the capacity to leverage the talent and abilities of an entire community of developers and users who are striving towards a common goal, according to an editorial at Linux Insider.
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@A nun, he moos
by Lumbergh on Sat 18th Dec 2004 03:18 UTC

I wasn't calling you a fangirl and I guess you didn't notice the ;) after my first sentence.

The fangirl is the rabid, anti-ms bigot, who claims to love choice but then discounts windows as a choice. The fangirl is someone who proclaims that having source code gives someone more "freedom". The fangirl is someone that claims that the GPL is more free or just as free as BSD or MIT/X11. The fangirl is someone that think open source software is a religion.....

(Darius, I think we have a disturbance in the balance of things - it seems there are two anti-Linux trolls in this thread! ;-)

I guess that was directed at me. I've most likely been using and programming on linux professionaly than you have.