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Editorial The real heart of open source lies in its potential to be greater than the sum of its parts, the capacity to leverage the talent and abilities of an entire community of developers and users who are striving towards a common goal, according to an editorial at Linux Insider.
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by A nun, he moos on Sat 18th Dec 2004 19:04 UTC

Maybe you should read the writing of someone who is more a member of the open source "community" than Karl will ever be - like Eric Raymond (a libertarian).

Hey, who do you think I am? I have read ESR's writing. I agree with most of it, but obviously we disagree as far as politics are concerned. He's libertarian-right, I'm libertarian-left. We agree on social issues, but not on economical ones.

Now, I disagree that ESR is "more" a member of the OSS community than Karl. You're either part of the community, or you're not. There's no "degree of purity" involved. It just proves that it is a diverse community, and that not all members agree on all subjects. Yet most of the time they manage to discuss their differences without resorting to name-calling (though ESR did half-jokingly threaten to shoot another prominent member of the community - a statement which I hope you don't condone...)