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Editorial The real heart of open source lies in its potential to be greater than the sum of its parts, the capacity to leverage the talent and abilities of an entire community of developers and users who are striving towards a common goal, according to an editorial at Linux Insider.
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by A nun, he moos on Sun 19th Dec 2004 23:21 UTC

You're the one that brought up neo-socialism being back in style in Europe. I guess you forgot the last time national socialism was in style in europe.[...]It's just more government oppression that we've seen from national socialism

I know you've already Godwinned the thread, but the nazis were not socialists. In fact, they killed thousands of socialist. Just because they used the word "socialism" in "National socialism" doesn't mean they were, not any more than Democratic People's Republic of Korea is democratic.

Nazis were on the far right, not the far left. So if you blame Stalin on me, I'll blame Hitler on you, since he was a friend of the capitalist, corporate world (who did a lot of money because of him).

Get your facts straight.

Microsoft abused you? Poor baby.

Thanks for proving to anyone that you're an idiot.