Linked by Dan Gonzalez on Mon 20th Dec 2004 18:03 UTC
FreeBSD Version 1.1 of FreeSBIE, a FreeBSD Live CD, was released last week, and here's a first look. Update: Screenshots via
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RE: monitoring util
by Joe Drago on Mon 20th Dec 2004 23:02 UTC

Currently running FreeBSIE out of curiosity, and it looks like the program that is running is called "torsmo". I killed it and reran it ... yep.

It's using torsmo for the upper right meters, gkrellm for the left side, and idesk for the icons on the desktop.

Kinda neat, but nothing wows me too much. I'm gonna dig a bit, but I don't see the huge draw to it over my cute Arch install. :-p