Linked by David Adams on Tue 21st Dec 2004 17:45 UTC, submitted by Lumbergh
Editorial A KDE developer opines that the move to port the top open source applications to Windows will undermine the potential for a widely-used open source desktop operating system.
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Open Source apps on Windows
by Chris DUnphy on Tue 21st Dec 2004 19:23 UTC

Open source applications being ported to Windows is a good thing for several reasons:

1.) They break Microsoft's dominiaton in the web and application space, providing users who cannot move to Linux presently (and note that I use presently) with choice!

2.) Encourages the use of open standards for users of all platforms, standards like XML, HTML, PNG, etc. etc.

3.) Allows new people to "dip their toes" in the open source waters, and see just how great open source software is becoming.

Now... here is the real kicker.

Once a user finds that they are using mostly open source applications... applications that are CROSS platform... when it is time to upgrade their OS, they MAY just be in a position to consider moving to an alternative. It might even be an open source OS, or heck, even a Mac. The point is that the use of CROSS-PLATFORM open source applications is always a good thing, because it empowers users with choice.

This can only help Linux in the long run. Having everyone using IE and MS Office is what will kill Linux on the desktop.

Remember folks, the more of the software stack that MS controls, the worse off everybody is.