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Editorial A KDE developer opines that the move to port the top open source applications to Windows will undermine the potential for a widely-used open source desktop operating system.
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some good some bad
by DarkTrancer on Tue 21st Dec 2004 21:24 UTC

"include a note in the README file letting the Windoze user know that further development for this application will only continue for the Linux builds, and that eventually the Windoze build will fall in to obsolescence, hopefully promting the Windoze user to give Linux a chance on their desktop if they want to run newer/Current versions of said software... "

Nice,so force people to use linux only? Did u get worried about Paladium? Yes i think u probably did and what you have said here amounts to the exact same,just without the price tag.
There is some good points the guy raised,and some bad.
I like another user that has posted have to use 3d applications (3d Max Studio) which is not available on linux,and so far drivers for my high end card are laughable.
I haven`t strayed from the point here,i have to use windows for my 3d application,some games sometimes,But i have taken out as much of the ms rubbish as i can and replaced it with ported opensource applications:firefox,thunderbird,gaim,gimp,vlc,azureus,deep burner,and many more.If people were to stop porting to win32 i dont doubt that alot of us will be force to use a system that still isn`t ready for all of us.
Before someone says,hey,u can use Alias Maya for linux,yep i could,however to switch to linux and force me to pay for another application i dont use and dont like,just so i can be all "oSS" complient is about the worst case i can think of.