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Editorial A KDE developer opines that the move to port the top open source applications to Windows will undermine the potential for a widely-used open source desktop operating system.
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KDE mindset ?
by Omega on Wed 22nd Dec 2004 13:58 UTC

I gave more thoughts to this article after realising the author is part of the KDE development team. In my company, of all the applications we use on Linux and which do not come bundled with a particular Desktop, all are developed for GNOME (GTK). Some are developed using Motif or Java. None for KDE (Qt).

*IF* the author is representative of the culture within the KDE team, what he says about not porting applications to Windows... could it be a sign that the KDE mindset is closed? Could the fact that OpenOffice and FireFox/ThunderBird and other applications use GNOME be a sign that GNOME is developed with a more open mind ?

With a mindset that says "my stuff is better so I will not port to other environments", it leads to shrinking market share and importance (Macintosh is an exemple of that). *IF* the KDE team has indeed a closed mindset revealed by the author's article, KDE will surely die. GNOME will definitively become the dominant DE on Linux.

And as others have pointed out, with GNOME applications available on Windows, people will be able to switch to Linux if they have enough of Windows' lack of reliability and security.

Is the author's closed mindset representative of other developers of KDE ?

Please not that I do not intend to criticise the KDE team, and that I use "IF" when I mention a possible closed mindest within the KDE team.