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Editorial A KDE developer opines that the move to port the top open source applications to Windows will undermine the potential for a widely-used open source desktop operating system.
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Software Piracy
by Electrical Engineer Dave on Wed 22nd Dec 2004 14:06 UTC

One of the main reasons:

One of the main reasons that people use windows is due to software piracy for the Windows OS itself, games and applications.

More and more companies are cracking down on piracy, ironically the better the companies get at doing so, the better Linux / free software in general will begin to look (I doubt source code matters to these people if binaries are available.)

Exposing people to use the Gimp, MPlayer, OpenOffice.Org, FireFox, Gaim, Thunderbird, and a Quicken Derivative (I've never used Gnumeric or GNUcash or other accounting software on Linux so I can't reccommend,) would make introducing Linux a WHOLE LOT EASIER.

If all schools districts switched to OpenOffice instead of MS Office converting desktops to linux would be easy:

The end users, teachers, students only care about the application: Does the application I need work properly?

They don't care about the OS itself since they never tinker with it anyway except to change desktop resoultion. The desktop OS is a means to an end for the end user, not the end itself.

If only GIMP's user interface was more intuitive! I find using MSWord easier than the gimp!

Programs like DosBox and Wine allow those in the know to bridge the gap between windows and linux. If you wanted to switch a computer novice who knows MSWord, IE and AIM to linux it would be MUCH EASIER if, when switched, they would still be able to use MSWord, IE and AIM. Converting the "Start" button to a big "K" won't matter to them as long as "their icons are in the same place and are the same color."

People are still new to Tabbed Browsing and Tabbed IM'ing as amazing it seems.

I blew out all the ligaments in my knee 1 year ago and had to learn to walk again. I found it bizarre at first that the "brand new" dell computer systems that the physical therapy office was using, with nice flat screen LCDs and all, were running windowed MSDOS programs to keep track of customers, payments, scheduling, etc when much newer, stabler and better products exist.

Most "regular" people have a death-grip cling to their applications. Familiarity is everything for end-users it seems.

The people I'm talking about use the term "cyperspace" on a regular basis and refer to "harddrive" as the big box that they plug disks into or their MP3 player (computer case.)