Linked by David Adams on Tue 21st Dec 2004 17:45 UTC, submitted by Lumbergh
Editorial A KDE developer opines that the move to port the top open source applications to Windows will undermine the potential for a widely-used open source desktop operating system.
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Re: Software piracy part Deux
by Darius on Wed 22nd Dec 2004 16:14 UTC

You might have a point with OpenOffice, but for the rest of the apps you mention, there are already free alternatives people are using, such as Trillain vs Gaim, etc.

One thing I forgot to mention though is apps such as Photoshop vs Gimp, Dreamweaver vs BlueFish, etc. When it comes to the high-dollar apps, the people that use them are probably using them professionally. I could be wrong, but even if these people are pirating the apps, if they were forced to either pay for these or switch to a free alternative, I think they would probably fork over the $$. Possibly the main exception to this is OpenOffice, because a lot of people us MS Office at home for doing simple tasks such as typing resumes, etc.