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Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems is focusing on Opterons and Solaris x86 for a good reason. Sun has figured out a way to make x86 hardware cheaper than anyone else. Sun is hoping that by leveraging its cost advantages the company will be able to ensure the success of its x86 hardware and Solaris.
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Richard Pryor, when describing George Foreman's boxing style, he said the following:

George Foreman has a unique boxing style, NONE!

So, with that said and looking at Sun Microsystems as of late, their execs can't seem to figure what they're doing. You have Schwartz who doesn't have a faintest clue of what garbage he spews out each time he opens his mouth, you have their CEO, McNealy making these alliances with Microsoft where he knows in the end they're going to end up screwing him(Sun) when the smoke clears.

So you tell me, what is their strategy?!?!?!

The answer: NONE!