Linked by Adam S on Thu 23rd Dec 2004 13:05 UTC, submitted by Usman Latif
Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems is focusing on Opterons and Solaris x86 for a good reason. Sun has figured out a way to make x86 hardware cheaper than anyone else. Sun is hoping that by leveraging its cost advantages the company will be able to ensure the success of its x86 hardware and Solaris.
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The major flaw...
by Bryan S on Thu 23rd Dec 2004 17:05 UTC

with Sol 10 is the almost comically limited driver support. I've tried with a Dell PowerEdge 2650, PowerEdge 2600, and IBM xServer 206 -- never got a complete system operational. On each system a different hardware component wouldnt work, network, video, SATA controller....

I know that hardware support is the thing that is most difficult for any OS, but Sun needs to improve their offering dramatically if they expect any kind of mass exodus from linux.

Don't get me wrong, I think the features of Sol 10 are very impressive, but in the end if my only option is to purchase hardware from Sun, then not much has changed.