Linked by Adam S on Thu 23rd Dec 2004 13:05 UTC, submitted by Usman Latif
Oracle and SUN Sun Microsystems is focusing on Opterons and Solaris x86 for a good reason. Sun has figured out a way to make x86 hardware cheaper than anyone else. Sun is hoping that by leveraging its cost advantages the company will be able to ensure the success of its x86 hardware and Solaris.
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RE: Sun's strategy
by Tyr on Thu 23rd Dec 2004 17:49 UTC

All major vendors exept IBM are changing their cpu architectures at the moment - except IBM, because basically nothing can touch the Power5.

Sun : please run Solaris, look we will even let you run it on Opteron.

IBM : we've got these big, dependable (and expensive) machines here. Buy 'em from us and run what the hell you want on it. Linux, AIX, OS/400 we don't care - run them all at once on the same server!

I personally prefer the IBM reasoning YMMV